Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thank you to all those who supported my run for Berwick Council!

Thanks is due to all those who helped with my successful bid for the Berwick Council position. We pulled it off despite a Democratic Party push to get voters to pull the "straight Democrat" lever (167 did just that!) I will do my best to support my community and be a positive asset to the Council.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Platform

My Platform

My primary platform as candidate for Council is to promote a low cost of living, including maintaining low taxes. In addition, keeping our history alive and promoting our history is key to maintaining our small town heritage. We need to help struggling historical sites in any way possible and promote our local clubs, organizations and fraternities. We need to encourage new business, and support our current local businesses in any way possible. We can do this by setting up methods for residents to voice concerns and for local business to promote their wares, including promotion of events such as Riverfest, the Christmas Boulevard, and other community activities. Promoting business will lead to more jobs and less crime. It is also imperative that we make a statement that our town is actually quite safe compared to many other local towns, and definitely to any larger boroughs in the commonwealth. There are many who say that Berwick is a hopeless cause. I beg to differ. We have our problems, but we can resolve them with effort on the part of everyone in our community. Our crime statistics have a higher profile primarily due to the diligence and hard work of our fine police department acting on and investigating all potential criminal activity. 

I am currently on the borough planning commission and regularly attend council meetings and maintain a close eye on all activity in the borough. I would be proud to represent you in this position!


Abbreviated Biography

I am an active member of the community, serving in emergency services with the Berwick Chapter of the American Red Cross and also as ARRL District 4 District Emergency Coordinator for ham radio emergency operations. I have worked in electrical engineering and have been an operations manager and sales engineer for several major corporations. I am a small business owner and is also an artist in oil, watercolor and acrylic, and am a member of the North Mountain Art League. I am active in numerous organizations, and have served in leadership positions in many of them. 

Berwick, PA